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The Somnath temple set in Prabhas Patan close to Junagadh in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat, india is believed to be the first among the twelve jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. it’s a vital journeying and traveler spot of Gujarat. . It is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna ended his Lila and thereafter for heavenly abode.

 According to Puranic legend, Soma, the moon, married twenty seven sisters, however obstinately favored one to the neglect of the others. Their father, Daksha prajapati, thus cursed him to own his brilliance consumed by the darkness of night. Stricken with grief, the moon visited holy places, attempting to alleviate his pain, however to no avail. finally he came here and idolised Shiva with great devotion for 4000 years.

Shiva took pity on him and bade that he ought to wane in splendor for less than fifteen days in a very month, recovering his lost splendor within the following period of time. Overcome with gratitude, the moon erected a golden temple to Shiva over the previously existing jyotirlinga. because the moon regained his splendor, bhas, at this site, it absolutely was named Prabhas, which suggests “the extremely good.”


The primary historical temple at Somnath is believed to own been designed between 320 and five hundred AD The temple was destroyed many times throughout its first many centuries, however very little details are out there regarding the sequent destructions and reconstructions. in the eleventh century AD, the sunni muslim ruiner Mahmud of Ghazni (998-1030), destroyed the temple and came to Ghazna in eastern afghanistan with the temple treasures, as well as the famed silver gate.

Then, after a reconstruction, in 1297 AD Allaudin Khilji’s commander-inchief Afzal Khan destroyed the structure. Over consecutive five hundred years, the temple was in turn reconstructed and ransacked, by Muzzafar Shah I in 1390, by Muhammad Begda in 1490, Muzzafar II in 1530 and Aurangzeb in 1706. it’s said that the temple was ransacked and destroyed as several as seventeen times.

Quick Facts:

  • Photography: It is not permitted inside the Somnath Temple
  • Temple Timings:  6.00am to 9.00pm
  • Dress Code: No dress code is mentioned
  • Address: Somnath Mandir Rd, Veraval, Gujarat 362268
  • Architectural Style: Hindu temple architecture
  • Entry Fees: There is no ticket for darshan
  • Diety Worshiped: Lord Shiva
  • Time: Around 30 minutes

Darshan Timings:

Darshan Timing: 6 AM to 9.00 PM.
Aarti Timings : 7:00 AM, 12:00 NOON, & 7:00 PM.
Light And Sound Show Timing: 8 PM to 9 PM .
(Except in the Monsoon / Rainy Season).

How to Reach Somnath Temple:

By Air:

The closest aerodrome by distance is the Diu airfield, that is about seventy nine kilometre off from Somnath. There are regular taxi services from Diu to Somnath along with commuter buses as well as luxury bus services.

By Rail:

Somnath is located half dozen kilometre from the closest railroad terminal at Verava and additionally Somnath station that is regarding 0.5 km away. You can take an auto or a taxi from there to reach the temple.

By Road:

Somnath is seventy nine kilometre from Junagadh and twenty five kilometre from Chorwad. State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect numerous centres of Gujarat to Somnath.


Astonishing Facts:

  • It had so much treasure that it was looted 17 times by invaders
  • It is one of the oldest temple whose refrence can be dated back to320 and 500 AD
  • The modern day Somnath Temple was built over five years, from 1947 to 1951 and was inaugurated by then President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad.
  • The Shivalinga in the temple is believed to have been safely hiding within its hollowness the famous Syamantak Mani, the Philosopher’s stone, which is associated with Lord Krishna. It is said that it was a magical stone, which was capable of producing gold. It is also believed that stone had alchemic and radioactive properties and could create a magnetic field around itself that helped it remain floating above ground.
  • The temple finds its reference in the most ancient texts of Hindus like Shreemad Bhagavat, Skandpuran, Shivpuran and Rig-Veda which signifies the importance of this temple as one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India.

Where to stay (Hotel in Somnath Temple):

Sagar Darshan Guest House

This guest house (somnath trust hotel) is owned by the Somnath Temple trust and is nearest to the temple , have all modern facilities and have sea view rooms.

Address: Somnath Mandir Rd, Somnath, Gujarat 362268

Note: We don’t make any guarantees if the above-stated facts are not correctIf you think any information provided by us is wrong then contact us


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