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Shree Hanuman Quiz

Shree Hanuman Quiz is the one and only quiz to test your knowledge of Mahabali Ram Bhakt Shree Hanuman.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman is a god who gets pleased very easily. There is no need to do much in his worship. Perhaps this is the reason why in today’s time the number of devotees of Hanuman ji has also increased very much.

Hanuman ji is a devotee of Ram and by just taking refuge in him, all the troubles of the devotees go away. Hanuman ji is described as a devotee of Ram in many Hindu religious texts including Ramayana, Shri Ramcharitmanas, Mahabharata.

Tuesday and Saturday are especially dedicated to the worship and service of Hanumanji. It is believed that worshiping Hanumanji gives strength, intelligence and knowledge.

By worshiping them all kinds of diseases and sufferings are cured. In the scriptures, worship of Hanuman ji is considered very beneficial and very auspicious. According to religious belief, Lord Hanuman also loves some special things, by offering them to him you can fulfill your desired wishes.

Shree Hanuman Quiz

Shree Hanuman Quiz

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How Many Siddhi’s does Hanumanji possess?

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Who was the father of Hanumanji?

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Which amongst the following is Hanuman’s Ji childhood name?

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Who amongst the following was Hanumanji’s Son?

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What was the birthplace Hanumanji?

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The average score is 75%


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