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Past Meets Future with the Power of AI

Temple Knowledge Enhances Their Vision by Implementing Content Valuation to their Website

Indian history and mythology have played an instrumental role in establishing world culture and as we have given so much to the world, it is of utmost importance to emanate that knowledge to today’s youth. To understand Indian history is to look further than just a structure or an idol– it is to learn the story of how and why it was made. This is exactly what the two founders of Temple Knowledge aim to do through their website, which explains the history of the temples and cultures in India. Mythology, in particular, may seem as far away from today’s youth as possible. However, knowing that these stories form such an integral part of businesses today allows us to understand how people’s choices are influenced by them.

Typically, when we think of mythology, we do not think of money. However, Kuber, the God of Wealth and Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune say otherwise! As we integrate mythology-based content into our lives, we must also consider monetizing it. This is exactly what Temple Knowledge has done by bringing content valuation to their website through a collaboration with US-based tech company Kunato. Kunato’s patented AI technology prices all the articles on the website in real-time to show readers their real-time value!

As readers explore the various temples of India through these articles, they can also see a price beside each one that is determined by the technology based on factors like quality, uniqueness, market trends and more.

Interacting with the price can also tell readers the price history and
user demand for the article! With this, users can rest assured that only the best articles come their way and they can choose which one will give them most value based on its price. Just as we visit historical places not for their popularity but for the value they give us, this new feature will allow readers to do the same with the content they consume.

The future of India is determined by its youth, and the youth must become familiar with
Artificial Intelligence to reclaim their culture from the annals of history. Technologies such as Kunato.Ai bring them one step closer to the reality of accessing a technology-powered history. This algorithm has been created Kunato, a company dedicated to revolutionizing how content is created and consumed. With over 30 million active users, the company has seen tremendous growth in its first six months of operations, and looks forward to bringing the past and the future together to the present day with this collaboration.


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