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Lord Vishnu Quiz

Lord Vishnu Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Preserver of the Universe

Lord Vishnu is one of the most revered gods in Hinduism and is considered the preserver of the universe.

In Hinduism, Lord Vishnu is considered the preserver of the universe. He is responsible for maintaining balance and preserving life in the world. Lord Vishnu is often depicted as a god of compassion and is revered for his ability to provide comfort and security to his devotees.

Vishnu (or Viṣṇu, Sanskrit: विष्णु) means ‘all pervasive’ and, according to Medhātith (c. 1000 CE), ‘one who is everything and inside everything’.

Vedanga scholar Yaska (4th century BCE) in the Nirukta defines Vishnu as viṣṇur viṣvater vā vyaśnoter vā (‘one who enters everywhere’); also adding atha yad viṣito bhavati tad viṣnurbhavati (‘that which is free from fetters and bondage is Vishnu’).

In this quiz, we will test your knowledge of Lord Vishnu and his role in Hinduism.


Lord Vishnu Quiz

Test your knowledge about lord Vishnu

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How many times did Lord Vishnu reincarnated ?

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What is the name of Lord Vishnu’s shankh/conch ?

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Lord Vishnu is said to be resting on a serpent floating on the cosmic ocean. What is the name of this serpent?

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How many arms does Lord Vishnu typically have in his depictions?

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What is the name of the weapon that Lord Vishnu wields?

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