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Hanuman Garhi Ayodhya : The Protector of Ayodhya

Hanuman Garhi is a 10th-century Hindu temple located in the Sai Nagar area of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is one of his most famous temples in North India,

With the opening of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, there has been a lot of buzz around the Hanuman Garhi Mandir. So what makes it so hype-worthy?

It is believed that Hanumanji still resides here. Therefore, unless you visit this temple, the darshan of Ramlala is incomplete. As Hanuman ji is inseparable from Shree Ram.

This temple holds many secrets, about which very few people know. So let us tell you why Hanumangarhi is so famous and what is the secret of this temple.

Quick Facts

  • Address: Sai Nagar, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh 224123
  • District: Ayodhya
  • Affiliation: Hinduism
  • Deity:  Hanmanji
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Timings: 4 am–10 pm
  • Visit Duration: 1 to 2 hours
  • Dress Code: decent outfit recommended
  • Festivals: Ram Navami, Diwali, Dusshera, Hanuman Janamdiwas
  • Best Time to Visit: October – March
  • Aarti: Aarti takes place at Sidhpeeth Hanuman Garhi at 6:00 am, Aarti takes place at 1:30 pm.

There are many stories and beliefs regarding this temple. It is said that after returning from Lanka, Lord Rama gave this place to his beloved devotee Hanuman to live. That is why this place is also called Hanumanji’s house.

According to Atharvaveda, Lord Ram had told Hanumanji that whenever anyone comes to Ayodhya to visit him, first he will have to see you i.e. Hanumanji. That is why even today people go to Hanumangarhi before having the darshan of Ramlala.

Earlier Hanumanji Maharaj used to reside in a cave. But 300 years ago, a temple was built over the cave with the help of Abhayaram Das. Hanuman Garhi is a cave temple. In this, after climbing 76 stairs, Hanumanji Maharaj is seen.

Also, the statue of Hanumanji is only 6 inches tall. The statue is filled with flower garlands. There are circular carvings in all four corners. Mother Anjani and child Hanuman are lying in their lap in the temple premises. The idol of Hanumanji is in red colour.


The statue of Hanuman ji in Hanumangarhi faces south. The Hanuman marks seen here surprise people. It is a four meter wide and eight meter long flag, which symbolizes victory over Lanka. A mace and trident are also kept with it.

Before doing any auspicious work, Hanuman Nishan is taken to Ayodhya. About 20 people carry this trail from Hanumangarhi to Ram Janmabhoomi. First it is worshiped and then some work is started.

According to religious beliefs, Lord Hanuman ji definitely fulfills the wishes of his devotees. By offering a chola, a person gets freedom from every problems. There is also a belief of taking bath in Saryu river to get freedom from paap/sins, but before this people have to take permission from Bajrangbali.

The legend that a monkey detonated a bomb at the Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya in 1998 is a widely circulated story, especially among the devotees of Lord Hanuman. One day in 1998, a small monkey was spotted near the drinking fountain at the Hanumangarhi temple.

The monkey appeared to be chewing on what turned out to be two wires.
This seemingly mundane behavior alerted authorities to a possible bomb threat, as the wire could be part of the bomb’s triggering mechanism. The temple was evacuated and bomb squads took control of the situation.

In the early 18th century, the Nawab was exhausted due to his son’s incurable illness and with the blessings of Bajrangbali’s Archak Baba Abhayramdas, the Nawab’s son got relief from the incurable disease. In return, the Nawab built a grand temple of Hanuman ji and Hanumanji Donated a premises of 52 bighas for Ji.

Hanumangarhi also remained the center of faith of Muslims, but whenever the turn of justice came for the liberation of Ramjanmabhoomi, Hanumangarhi stood firm in accordance with the legacy of Hanumanji.

By Air

Lucknow International Airport is the nearest Airport which is 152 Kms from Ayodhya. Ayodhya is about 158 Kms from Gorakhpur Airport, 172 Kms from Prayagraj Airport and 224 Kms from Varanasi Airport.

By Train

Faizabad and Ayodhya are major railway stations of the district and are well connected to almost all major cities and towns.

Faizabad is 128 kms. from Lucknow, 171 kms. from Gorakhpur, 157 kms. from Allahabad and 196 kms from Varanasi. By Rail route Ayodhya is 135 kms. from Lucknow, 164 kms. from Gorakhpur, 164 kms. from Allahabad and 189 kms from Varanasi.

By Road

Services of Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation buses are available 24 hours a day, and it is very easy to reach here from all places.

By Road Faizabad is 152 kms from Lucknow, 158 kms from Gorakhpur, 172 kms from Allahabad and 224 kms from Varanasi. Ayodhya is 172 kms from Lucknow, 138 kms from Gorakhpur, 192 kms from Allahabad and 244 kms from Varanasi by road.

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