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Bhairav Chalisa Free PDF Download

Bhairav ​​Baba is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Whose name means one who looks terrible and protects with fear. Whoever reads Bhairav ​​Baba’s Aarti and Chalisa daily.

Negative powers do not enter his house and physical obstacles also never come. Along with this, by pleasing Baba Bhairavnath, he always protects his devotees.

Bhavirav Chalisa To Overcome Addictions

Reading Lord Bhairav chalisa is believed to help one overcome their addictions in life. Addictions affect a lot of people and can lead to dangerous consequences. Inclination towards God can help one overcome addiction, especially Lord Bhairav.

Bhairav ​​Chalisa To Get Relief From Sufferings

Lord Bhairav is known to remove any obstacles, negativity from one’s life. Anyone suffering from any difficulty, mental or physical should read Lord Bhairav chalisa everyday.

Bhairav ​​Chalisa Ensures Safe Travel

Reading Bhairav chalisa before embarking on a journey always ensures safe travel as he is the protector of this world, just like Lord Shiva. Lord Bhairav prevents untimely death and accidents.


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