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Mangeshi temple is one among the most popular, richest and largest Hindu temples in Goa. It’s situated on a hillock in Priol, Ponda district. It is major pilgrimage destination within the beach state.

History of Mangeshi temple

Mangeshi temple has a note worthy story to tell. it is said that the Hindu god Shiva came to Goa after he lost to his spouse Parvati .

In a game of dice. Parvati came looking for Shiva, who took the form of a tiger and came to her. Frightened at the sight of a tiger, Parvati exclaimed, “Trahi Mam Grisha,” that interprets to “Save me oh Lord.” On hearing this, Shiva shifted back to his human form, returning to her.

The place would then become associated with the words Mam Grisha, which would become Manguesh over the centuries. 

It’s said that the temple was built on the site where Parvati faced the tiger, south of the Zuari river where Cortalim village stands nowadays. 

When the Portuguese captured Salcete in 1543, devotees moved the deity of Mangeshi to a close-by village that took the name of the temple.

The temple as you see these days was built in 1744 originally, using donations of a local Maratha ruler.

Over the years, the temple has seen many renovations and has been remodeled too.

Architecture of Mangeshi Temple

The Mangeshi temple today is a stunning temple built in the Goan Hindu style of architecture, with distinctive white towers. Elegant with a simple entrance, the temple encompasses a prominent sculpture of the bull god Nandi that was ridden by Shiva. 

Within the temple is a spacious courtyard with rooms for pilgrims and space to conduct weddings. there is also a water tank that is supposedly the oldest a part of the complex. 

You will also notice a seven-story octagonal lamp tower referred to as the Deepa stambha, considered the tallest column in state.

In the temple of Mangesh is a prominent Nandi Bull which is considered to be the Vahana (Vehicle) of Shiva. 

The other shrines to the rear of the main building house devtas like Mulakeshwsar, Virabhadra, Saanteri, Lakshminarayana, Suryanarayan, Garuda and Kala Bhairav.

Behind the main temple, there is a temple dedicated to Mukto or Mulkeshwar, who was responsible for carrying the image of the god to Priol in the 16th century. He is also associated with Multo, the god of the Kunbis.


Quick Facts

Address:  Dinanath Mangeshkar Rd, Mangeshi village, Mardol, Goa 403401
Architecture: Goan style
Festivals: Shivratri, Mahashivratri Gudipadwa(Hindu new year), Akshaya Tritiya, Anant Vritotsava, Navaratri, Dussera, Diwali, Magha Poornima Festival (Jatrotsav) and Rama Navami
Deity: Lord Shiva
Entry Fee: Nil
Temple Timings : 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM , 3:00 PM-10:00 PM
Time Required : 1 hour
Best Time to Visit: October to June
Photography: Not allowed inside

Interesting facts about Mangeshi Temple

Every Monday, before the evening aarti, the idol of Manguesh is taken out in a procession in a palki, accompanied by music. On certain occasions, the linga is decorated and dressed in rich robes and jewels.

The temple is especially worth a visit during the annual Magha Poornima festival in February and also the Ratha Yatra that takes place during this festival.

The temple structure is especially beautiful at night when the lamp tower is illuminated as well as the main altar.

How To Reach Mangeshi Temple?

By Air

The nearest airport to reach the Temple is Panjim Airport or Goa International Airport which is located about 32 km.

By Rail

Karmali Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is located at around 5 km from the temple. Cabs and taxi are readily available .

By Road

The overall road network of national highways is well-maintained and easily accessible. Since Goa is a famous tourist destination so private buses ply from all major cities.

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