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10 Famous Temples In Kashmir That You Must Visit On Kashmir Trip

Explore Kashmir’s rich spiritual and cultural heritage by visiting its most revered temples. While the Amarnath Cave Temple is the site of the well-known Amarnath Yatra, the Shankaracharya Temple provides stunning views of Srinagar. Kashmir’s rich religious legacy is exhibited by the ancient Martand Sun Temple and the revered Kheer Bhawani Temple.

Discover the peace and quiet of the beautifully situated Sheetla Mata and Chakreshwar temples. With Kashmir tour packages, you may improve your journey and thoroughly immerse yourself in the spiritual tapestry of Kashmir by visiting these premier temples.
Below are some of the popular temples in Kashmir which you must visit.

Shankaracharya Temple

Shankaracharya Temple
Shankaracharya Temple

A hallowed structure rich in spirituality, the Shankaracharya Temple is perched on a hill in Srinagar. This historic temple, also called Shri Sharika Peetha, is devoted to Lord Shiva and offers a panoramic view of the charming Dal Lake and the surrounding valley.

The temple was built in the ninth century by Jaluka, the famous monarch Ashoka’s son, and it serves as a reminder of Kashmir’s rich religious and cultural history.

Stepping up the steps to get blessings and take in the peaceful atmosphere, pilgrims and visitors alike find the Shankaracharya Temple to be a highly respected location for introspection and spiritual discovery in Kashmir.

Discover the sacred atmosphere of Shankaracharya Temple with Srinagar tour packages, which skillfully combine spirituality and gorgeous scenery.

Amarnath Cave

The Amarnath Cave, tucked away in the Himalayas, is one of Kashmir’s most important pilgrimage sites. The naturally occurring Shiva Lingam, a stalagmite created by freezing water droplets, is housed in this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Thousands of people walk the difficult Amarnath Yatra every year to see this holy ice lingam, which is thought to be a manifestation of Lord Shiva’s cosmic powers. Beginning at Pahalgam or Baltal, the route entails navigating ice terrain and steep inclines.

In order to receive the spiritual benefit of seeing the heavenly emblem, pilgrims must face physical hardships. Deeply significant, the Amarnath Cave attracts both adventurers and devotees to enjoy its ethereal and magical environment.

Kheer Bhawani Temple

A respected Hindu sanctuary honouring the goddess Ragnya Devi, the Kheer Bhawani Temple is tucked away in the bucolic village of Tullamulla, Kashmir. The temple is unique because of a holy spring whose waters are said to predict the future of the area by changing colour.

During the yearly Kheer Bhawani Mela, pilgrims come to ask for the goddess’ blessings. The serene atmosphere of the temple, surrounded by stately Chinar trees, heightens the spiritual experience.

The strong bond between faith and the natural world is fostered by the devotees’ belief that the goddess guards them. In the picturesque Kashmir Valley, the Kheer Bhawani Temple is a representation of religious devotion and cultural legacy.

Martand Temple

Located in Anantnag, Kashmir, the Martand Sun Temple is a fascinating example of ancient Kashmiri architecture as well as an archaeological wonder. The Sun God, Surya, was the object of King Lalitaditya Muktapida’s construction in the eighth century.

The temple complex, which is now in ruins, originally had a central courtyard and large, elaborately carved structures. Its allure is increased by the commanding view of the surrounding mountains.

The abandoned Martand Temple in the picturesque Kashmir Valley still exudes historical grandeur despite centuries of weathering, drawing tourists, history buffs, and archaeologists who come to marvel at the remains of this once-impressive architectural work of art.

Chakreshwar Temple

Lord Shiva is the subject of the holy Hindu shrine known as Chakreshwar Temple, which is tucked away in the picturesque surroundings of Hari Parbat in Srinagar. Encircled by verdant scenery, the temple offers a calm and contemplative haven for followers.

Despite its modest size, the temple holds great religious significance for the local community. Both pilgrims and tourists climb the steep landscape in search of blessings and to take in the peaceful atmosphere.

With its modest but lovely surroundings, the Chakreshwar Temple provides a tranquil haven and an opportunity for introspection against the stunning backdrop of the Kashmir Valley.

Mamleshwar Temple

The Mamleshwar Temple, also called the Papaharini Temple, is a calm and revered Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Shiva that is located close to the charming town of Pahalgam. Encircled by verdant meadows and the meandering Lidder River, the temple offers a serene environment conducive to introspection.

The serene atmosphere of the temple is enhanced by the sound of the river. Mamleshwar Temple is popular with pilgrims and tourists due to its religious significance and the surrounding scenic beauty.

This temple is frequently visited by pilgrims on the yearly Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage, which enriches their spiritual experience in the midst of Kashmir’s breathtaking scenery.

Zeashta Devi Temple

The Zeashta Devi Temple is a highly revered Hindu shrine located in the village of Wanpoh, Kashmir. Many Kashmiri Brahmins regard Goddess Zeashta as their Kul Devi, or family deity.

The temple is surrounded by beautiful scenery and has both religious and cultural significance. Visitors come to ask for the goddess’ blessings for wealth and health.

The temple is a place for both spiritual reflection and the appreciation of the natural world’s beauty because of its simple architecture and serene surroundings.

Zeashta Devi Temple is vibrantly enhanced by festivals and rituals that are characterised by intense devotion, which makes it an essential component of the religious tapestry in the charming Kashmir Valley.

Sheetla Mata Temple

The holy Hindu shrine known as the Sheetla Mata Temple is devoted to the goddess Sheetla Mata and is located in the Kashmiri village of Seethal. Visitors come to ask for her blessings for health and illness prevention.

Particularly during the enthusiastically observed Sheetala Ashtami festival, the temple has cultural significance. Encircled by a calm atmosphere, the temple offers devotees a place of spiritual solace.

It is a place for devotion and reflection because of its simple architectural style and reverent ambiance. The Sheetla Mata Temple is a fixture in the picturesque Kashmir Valley’s cultural landscape, representing faith and customs.

Mahakali Temple

Located in the heart of Srinagar, the Mahakali Temple is a revered Hindu shrine devoted to Goddess Mahakali, a fierce embodiment of Shakti. The temple, which is surrounded by the picturesque Kashmir Valley, draws worshippers who are hoping to receive the goddess’ blessings.

The temple, which regularly hosts worship sessions and festivals, is revered for its ethereal atmosphere and cultural significance. Mahakali Temple is crowded with devotees who come to perform rituals and ask for heavenly protection.

Despite its simplicity, the temple’s architecture exudes calm, offering visitors a peaceful place for devotion and introspection amid Kashmir’s breathtaking scenery.

Sharada Temple

Located atop Hari Parbat in Srinagar, the Sharada Temple is a highly esteemed Hindu shrine devoted to Goddess Sharada, who symbolises wisdom and knowledge.

Despite being in ruins, the temple has historical significance because it is thought to have been built by Lalitaditya Muktapida, a ruler from the sixth century.

The location of the temple on Hari Parbat provides sweeping views of Srinagar. The remnants of the Sharada Temple draw both pilgrims and history buffs despite their state of disrepair.

Devotees swarm to Sharada Navaratri every year to seek the goddess’ blessings. The temple is still a vital component of Kashmir’s religious and cultural legacy because of its allure as an archaeological site and its ethereal spiritual quality.

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