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6 Places to Visit in Mussoorie – Special Travel Guide You Must Read

Mussoorie is a popular tourist spot in India that has remained the same for a long time. Tourists and visitors alike will find plenty to do in this destination. The region’s mountain terrains and beautiful forests are unique. You won’t find this in any other tourist destination in India. A Mussoorie tour package can be a great way to refresh your mind and soul. Mussoorie is home to many beautiful destinations that offer visual delights for both nature-lovers and travellers. Let’s take a look at which Mussoorie locations should be added to your bucket list when you visit.

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Gun Hills

Gun Hill, Mussoorie | Ropeway, Ticket Price, Timings

A ropeway ride up the Gun Hills is a wonderful way to experience the best of Mussoorie. Gun Hills is home to all kinds of natural beauty including mountains and greenery. Standing on top of the Gun Hills rock, you can see the entire city of Mussoorie. It is sure to be heavenly. You will also be able to experience the thrill of ropeway riding, which is something you won’t forget. Don’t forget to include this destination on your Mussoorie tour.

Lake Mist

Lake Mist, Mussoorie | Timings, Entry Fees, How to Reach

Mussoorie’s stunning Lake Mist is a great place to visit. You will be captivated by the stunning views of the lake. To fully enjoy the tranquillity of the lake, you can go boating. It is possible to spend hours gazing at the lake and greenery around it. This is one of India’s most stunning lakes. The lake is located in an area high above the ground, and the surrounding vegetation adds to its beauty. Lake Mist is a great choice for Mussoorie trips.

The Happy Valley

Happy Valley in Mussoorie - Mussoorie Happy Valley, Places to Visit in  Mussoorie

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the stunning beauty of a mountain Valley. This is also true for the stunning Happy Valley. The unimaginable beauty of Happy Valley will leave you spellbound. You will experience a totally different taste when you visit the Tibetan temples surrounding Happy Valley. The extraordinary valley will give you a spiritual feeling. You can roam the valley as much as you like, and it will free your mind from the pressures of daily life.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary in Mussoorie

The Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to explore wildlife if you have an interest. You can see a variety of birds, leopards, bears and deer here. Ornithologists will love this place because there are many species of birds in the area. The sanctuary’s natural beauty is another reason it is so popular and well-known as a tourist destination.

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Mossy Falls

Mossy falls - Review of Mossy Fall, Mussoorie, India - Tripadvisor

The Mossy Falls is no exception. Mountain waterfalls are always magical. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the falls as you walk around them. The fall is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and beautiful forests. It will amaze anyone who visits it. Tourists love to visit this beautiful fall when they are in Mussoorie. You should also give special consideration to the fall when visiting the hill town in the laps of the Shivalik Himalayas.

Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls, Dehradun, India: View Images, Timing and Reviews | Tripoto

It is a popular spot for picnicking in Mussoorie due to its outstanding ambiance. Tourist groups often camp in tents near the falls for fun-filled picnics. Its amazing atmosphere and stunning fall will continue to amaze tourists. Visitors can also be amazed by the beauty of the surroundings. Mussoorie is a must-see on any trip.

How To Reach?

By Air

Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun serves as the nearest airport to Mussoorie. Direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai are available till Dehradun. Local taxis or buses can be hired to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun. Otherwise, visitors can board a flight till Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, second nearest airport to Mussorie, which offers good air connectivity with rest of India and then travel to Mussoorie by bus or car.

By Rail

Dehradun Railway Station, located around 36 km away serves as the nearest railway station to Mussoorie. Number of trains from far and near of cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Jammu and Amritsar serve Dehradun city. After reaching Dehradun by train, visitors can board local taxis or buses for Mussoorie. 

By Road

A number of state government and private buses connect Mussoorie with nearby places like Delhi, Dehradun and other important towns of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Buses for Mussoorie are available on frequent and daily basis, so passengers can choose a bus depending on their convenience.

These are some of the most beautiful places you should visit when you travel to Mussoorie. These places are great for family trips, whether you’re traveling alone or together. We hope you enjoy reading “Places to Visit in Mussoorie”.

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